Poppy Season

Ahh, Poppy Season, where online newspapers, bloggers & commentators come out to make their money and be as offensive and ignorant as possible. Here are some quotes I’ve come across over the last week;

  • “Blair’s a war criminal and needs to be hung. I was against the Iraq War! The poppy isn’t about modern day military.”
  • “Oh it’s always about the UK army, who cares, what about all those Palestinians the Israelis commit daily war crimes against.”
  • “By not wearing a Poppy… has clearly decided to protest the sacrifice of our fighting men & women, our heroes.”
  • “By refusing to let staff wear a poppy we must call on every good thinking person to boycott… to ensure they know we don’t accept that kind of nonsense here.
  • “SS RUC wrecking our communities. Bastards that they are.”~
  • “The Brits are awful people. The Poppy is the smiling face of British colonialism.”
  • And my personal favourite is the Twitter hashtag, “#PoppyFascism”


Let’s put this as simple and as clear as we can. The Poppy is a registered trademark of the charity ‘the Royal British Legion’. Which provides war widow pension support and after-care resettlement support for ex-members of the armed forces.

I understand that in Northern Ireland Sinn Fein can’t resist a wee pop at them dirty Brits but fucking wise the bap. The same is to be said for those who condemn someone for not wearing a poppy. It’s a charity.

My Grandmother was fucked over by the RBL when my Grandfather was killed in WW2; that is why my family does not support the Poppy Appeal.

I wear a poppy because it’s a symbol of remembrance and very much has become a symbol of remembrance in the same way that when a person sneezes and a stranger utters “Bless You,” they’re not actually calling upon their God to give you peace.

I wear it because I wish to show that I remember the 319 Members of the RUC whose family was destroyed. The 17 PSNI officers who have died in the line of duty.

People who pop a few quid into the tin and wear their little poppy do so because they wear it like it’s a pink cancer ribbon. There’s no such thing as “Poppy Fascism” and suggesting so is a nasty, ignorant and morally repugnant thing to do. It’s a charity, doing good for people who need help or assistance. Shame on you for attacking anyone who believes in charitable good.

The folks that complain need to take a long hard look at yourself the next time you want to have a barney and attack someone for openly supporting a charity that provides assistance for the children of dead people. These people are literally attacking generosity & goodwill.

Grow the fuck up.

Just to save us some time, I’ve put together some newspaper stories so no one else need write any more about it.





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