Earlier in 2016 the Police Federation for Northern Ireland launched a campaign which was aimed at promoting the fact that police officers are not robots but actually human beings.

Now, despite the fact that the senior management team of the Police Service of Northern Ireland was being dragged by the hair through the mud by Stephen Nolan during the #DryYourEyes saga, not one person either from the PSNI or PFNI actually mentioned the campaign.

Waste of fucking time to make these fancy high production videos with zero promotion, fanfare and nobody reading off the same hymn sheet. The thing is, the videos are very good and I encourage you to visit the website and review the materials on there.

However, something was missing for me. The fluidity was lacking and after being bored and spending an hour in a movie maker I threw together the video below which I personally feel delivers the same message a little quicker.

Please watch it, visit the website and share the link to the website and the video on your Twitter & Facebook.





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