Of Laura Scott “@BelfastFoxy” & Personal Security


Fake Twitter Profiles
Hiya folks! It’s been a wee while since I last posted a blog. I promise I am actually working on a few but sometimes I’m knackered by the time I get home. I’ve spoken at length about the lethargy of writing on occasion with some of you.

However, this is a matter that simply cannot wait and it relates to one of personal security. You see, in this digital age, it’s never more imperative to protect yourself and others, especially as someone who works for the security services of the Crown.

So some of you familiar with my Twitter will know that a few weeks back there was a big spat about a particular user called “Laura Scott” or @BelfastFoxy who had made a few suspicious approaches to users on Twitter who could be identified as having a security services connection.

When Laura and I first started talking she began by complimenting my blog and talking in a highly sexualised manner. There were affectionate terms and little hugs and kisses. The sort you always use when making your first contact with a stranger on the internet when you have no ulterior motive.

Fake accounts are a plight on Twitter but few are ever this involved or direct. But they exist and their motives are easily exposed. Fortunately Twitter is now enabling tools to filter out unconfirmed emails and mobile numbers to stop fake accounts existing.

I passed Laura’s information onto numerous colleagues and other persons of interest to serve as a warning that this person was what is referred to as a “Catfish”.

Catfish is defined as;

lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.
“he was being catfished by a cruel prankster”

I made it clear that Laura was clearly a fake account from the get go. The images offered and displayed were often traceable to other accounts or other people entirely who have no direct connection with Laura. Laura has made several approaches to several other people on Twitter including accounts which I had control of at the time.

Laura, when she first appeared, made a point of deliberately stating on her profile that she was new in Belfast, single and recently out of a relationship and her conversation tone was this, to a complete stranger she had never met before.


The above chat, was sent to another person she suspected, incorrectly I would point out, to be a police officer in Northern Ireland. This individual was equally made aware of the danger that Laura posed and immediately brought it to the attention of those previously targeted. It was then decided it’s important we expose the account as a serious security risk.

So, in contacting another new person and attempting to A) Confirm they’re a police officer and B) Obtain a photograph of them this happens;


David is a pseudonym of the anonymous account contacted.

After a very simple check this image, Laura swears by is herself and we’re so lucky she’s in one of her moods is, in fact, a commonly used image from a boot manufacturer based in China.675ee81b5656eb645d43f9978fc45671

So, I would like to, as a matter of urgency, once again remind everybody to be extra vigilant and think with your upstairs brain and not your downstairs. There are people out there posing very serious dangerous risks. People who are suspiciously shy or awkward about wanting to exchange pictures with you and those who then share other persons photos in order to pass it off as themselves.

I have a suspicion as to who Laura really is, a man with a chip on his shoulder, and I’d only encourage he stop playing dangerous games before he finds himself in serious trouble. I would implore anyone who feels that something isn’t quite right with a person to simply stop talking to them.


Of course, Catfish have to fight to protect themselves. Despite the clear-cut evidence above, rather admirably she’s struck out and went for the “woman” card of implying I was sexually scorned by her. Now while “Laura” may be rather pretty for a woman she’s not the correct sex. But nice try. I’d play that card too.


d1db4677eb16b29e8cf1f0cbf1f373b5 (1)

I hope whoever it is, gets the help they need. If they’re a real person I invite them to tell me who they are and their actual issue. If they’re somehow impossibly PSD, I’m not a peeler & you have no remit. Don’t waste your time. And also I’d like to think the boys in Green would know to have natural untraceable images taken by volunteer women. Next blog out real soon I promise!




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